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The Wiley Knowledge Hubs publish and curate a range of relevant and quality-controlled digital assets on research topics in the health and life sciences designed for the realities of today’s medical practice. Our hubs are separated via subject area for easy navigation, providing quick access to the latest research and resources that can be applied to your everyday work and education.

This Wiley Epilepsy Knowledge Hub publishes the latest clinically relevant content from trusted sources on the role and prevalence of epilepsy in key healthcare conditions. The content is aimed at healthcare professionals across the multidisciplinary team involved in the treatment of these patient populations at higher risk of epilepsy.

The aim of the Knowledge Hub is to educate relevant healthcare professionals on the latest research, and provide them with the tools to easily apply the latest best-practice recommendations to make meaningful interventions in best-patient care. In regards to interventions, the primary objective is to provide education on the management of epilepsy in patients.

All content published on the resource is reviewed by our independent expert editorial panel and presented in an accessible format for easy application in everyday clinical practice.

The resource has been supported by UCB. Aside from a medical accuracy review, the supporter has had no influence in the selection and creation of content.